8/01 and 8/02 2015 Bagley WI to Baraboo WI

Charley has had to repair another flat today. We only made 40 miles. It is hard work unloading the entire bike, turning it upsdide down, repairing the tire and reassembling, especially in the 95 degree sun, especially if your back hurts. Charlie works like a trooper but he is wiped by the end of the day and his back is really hurting even with medication. We decide that it would be better for Charlie to turn around and head home to work on getting his back healed.

So, in the morning, we part. I am relieved that Charlie will be able to ride at a fast speed- I tend to slow him down- and then to take his time resting as he needs to.

I point Sherpa easterly and start pedaling. I ride about 95 miles today, about half on country bike trails. Wisconsin is the only state I have been in that charges a fee to use the trails, $4 a day or $20 annually. It’s Sunday, and I have to hunt to find an open place to buy a pass.

The trails follow an old train track. The grade is gentle up and down.

SAM 1717

Suddenly the warm air becomes very cold. The plants and insects change in the cool microclimate. I wonder what is going on, I have never beem through a thermocline that dramatic. Then I round a bend and see it- an old railroad tunnel. Two cooled cyclists are emerging. The tunnel is spewing out cold misty air. The tunnel slopes down towards me. The hot air is pulled in at the top and is cooled and becomes misty as the water condenses out. It is wonderful.

SAM 1722

There are three tunnels, the longest is 3/4 of a mile long. You cannot see the light at the end from the far side on any of them.

SAM 1744

The tunnels were carved through solid rock, which is showing up more and more in rocky outcroppings.

SAM 1751

I stop for a snack at a trail cafe and the owner shows me her grass sofa. She is quite proud of it. It took a lot of work. So I pose.

SAM 1734

I have dinner in a Chinese buffett in Baraboo and with the owners permission camp in the grass behind it. He warns me I may get a ticket if the police discover my presence. It’s one of the differences between large and small towns….

My phone has stopped working again, so tomorrow morning I must find a Cricket dealer. I’ve come to depend on “Blondie” for complicated navigation. When she is good, she is really really good, but sometimes she is so ditsy. Ahh, we all have our unique personalities… Learn, Adjust, Cope, Laugh, Adjust.

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  1. Hi Shawn! We were in Minnesota about the same time! I was back home for a few weeks in July and finally arrived back home in Venice last Friday on the choo choo train. Glad to see you are making wonderful progress on your journey .I’ll be waiting to see you again on the intercoastal waterway again someday! -Ray

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