8/14/2015 Rochester to Syracruse Area- Green Lake

The new wheel is working well. Time will tell how durable the components are, but at least they will be cheap and easy to replace if they break.

This Erie Canal trail is a treat. The Erie Canal is still used in places, and in other places it is filled in with swamp, other places made into park space, and it keeps changing. It is a very long trail, running for hundreds of miles. For your first bicycle touring experinece, it would be a decent choice. Camping is permitted all along the trail, and there are enough villages to feed at.

A small town along the Erie in the AM.

SAM 1935

There are not many boats ususally. This is exceptional. Early AM.

SAM 1936

Here is a sailboat going through one of the locks.

SAM 1945

OK, look closely, this is unique. This is a river bridge. It was constructed to allow users of the canal to cross the creek underneath. It was in shambles and was rebuilt recently. It is the only working water bridge on the Erie canal. Last night another cyclist pointed out that the Romans had been building water bridges that still stood. I explained they were actually aquaducts, used for transporting water- then realized he was right- he just had a very flexible mind.

SAM 1950

I ride over 100 miles to get to Green Lake which has a state campgrounds. I arrive about 7pm. They are full, but allow me in to take a shower. After the shower I ride back to the Canal Trail and find a grassy spot to camp. A cycling couple stops to talk. I pitch my tent in the dark, as it starts to rain. Later, the cycling couple shows up in their car with a little care dinner!

I was also escorted a nice distance around a busy shopping mall by a man retiring in a month who wants to go touring. I also meet a 67 year old touring cyclist who is trim and clean cut and fit as a fiddle. He is riding to Arizona. We swap advice on stealth camping, eating, relaxing, etc. He almost lives on his bicycle and is an inspiration.

Not to mention a touring couple Heidi and Marcus who are on a round the world tour from Austria. They have been cycling for over year and fly over the road together. We swap stories about gear and countries. Marcus is especially interested in my experiences in Tanzania. He says I am the only cyclist he has met who enjoyed Tanzania!

Finally the (former) world record holder for longest electric bike tour Troy contacts me. I am thrilled. He knows so much more than I do about battery and motor technology. He offers to help me in any way he can.

So many good people, so little time!

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