8/15 and 8/16 Syracruse to Waterford NY

Upper New York feels like a decaying industrial giant in a made-in-China world. Slumbering factories make rust. A large discontented underclass shelters in unmaintained two stories. Upper class professionals hang on in their own enclaved neighborhoods. The countryside has smaller farms and lovely rolling wooded hills. The vacation houses of the wealthy spot the farmland.

I am following the New York bike route 5. Many limestone paved miles look like this. I’m eating a lot of crabapples, they are good.

SAM 1962

The bike route jumps to the road often too, but the shoulder is usually great.

SAM 1963

I have left the Erie canal, and am riding upstream along the mighty Hudson River.

SAM 1969

An old dam and lock.

SAM 1965

I am headed towards Waterford NY at the advice of another cyclist. He told me about the hot showers and the free camping at the first lock in the system. I also find electricity, making it a perfect camp site. A solid 5 points. Waterford is a pleasant town without being touristy.

SAM 1973

Tomorrow I cross into Vermont! I am pushing myself to cover miles to get home. I am excited that in a few days the third leg of my journey will be complete. I look forward to making that last right turn in Maine and heading south.

I feel competent at doing this. The bike is runnng well. I have become more flexible in my routines. I checked the balance of the batteries this evening and they were good, I didn’t need to balance them. I can set up or break camp in 15 minutes. I’m more confident and don’t carry as much food. I can cover more ground on less power. Often when I stop a little crowd gathers around. I have met and befriended a number of wonderful interesting people whom I never would of met otherwise.

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