8/17/2015 Waterford NY to Keene NH.

“And every strangers face I see
reminds me that I long to be
homeward bound”

Paul Simon.

Every face I see is that of a stranger, a face I have never seen before and will never see again.

How nice it would be to wake up in the same place twice in a row. As I awake I must orient myself “OK, where am I?”

How nice it would be to know where I am going to sleep, what I am going to eat.

How nice it would be to have a toilet, a bed, and a kitchen in the same space! Now that’s exciting! I have a small sense of the lives of the very poor who like me, must start all over each day.

Soon all that will be mine again, hahah. I am 112 miles from Portsmouth, Maine, at which point I hang another right turn and start the final leg of this adventure.

Morning reflections on the Hudson river.

SAM 1980

And then it’s into Vermont:

SAM 1987

I find a spot to go skinny dipping in the Hudson river, which feels great. It’s 95 degrees and humid and hilly and I am soaked with sweat.

SAM 1994

Diamond in the rough: 32 Bedroom Fixer Upper waiting for Mr. Super Handyman.

SAM 1990

And New Hampshire:

SAM 1997

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