8/21 Morey Pond to Windsor Conn

Sherpa is running well, and I am thankful, because resting makes me realize how deeply tired I am. I feel different inside, but I can’t name what it is. I wonder if it is permenant.

I ride only 35 miles today and check into a hotel to rest. But my mind is buzzing with ideas and so I use the time to do research. I promise myself to try to take better care of myself. So-

I am going to try my first Air BnB tonight. They can be found costing half what a hotel costs. I have decided to try and be as comfortable as possible on this my final leg and to cover about 80 to 120 miles a day. Let ‘er rip! I never liked to have a destination that had to get to when push bike riding, because I wanted to stop when I was tired. But with an ebike it is easier to go those extra miles.

No pictures because my mind has lost it’s freshness. I don’t see anything worth stopping for. It is just me, because the small towns are just as picturesque, and the scenery just as woody and creeky.

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