8/22/2015 Windsor Conecticut to Poughkeepsie New York

The hotel turns out to be populated with children who do what children do, running up and down and screaming in play untill late at night. I’ll do better next time.

The roads continue to be very rollie pollie, but Sherpa with a fully charged battery is able to make it up every grade. The payback is the lovely wooded countryside, buzzing with insects and flowers and greenery.

SAM 2013

Sherpa gets a flat. I repair it behind a building but must walk a mile to a local bike store- thank goodness it was that close- to get a rear wheel skewer, as I have stripped the threads of mine by overtightening it.

Fishing in the bridge shadow.

SAM 2016

Then 10 miles down the road the rear tire blows out. The tube explodes through a 1″ rip in the center of the tire! I repair this and continue, but it means a trip to buy a new tire tomorrow.

Oreo Cows.

SAM 2021

Then the front rim develops a bulge. It will blow out soon unless replaced. I have had this happen before in Morocco. Braking becomes very j j j j j j jerky.

Despite these setbacks and the rollie terrain I make it 95 miles to Lorraine’s home. I could not have done this without an ebike. Her home is a large two story on a pretty and quiet street. This is my first stay at an Air Bed and Breakfast. The keys are in the front flowerpot, Lorraine and her husband are not home. I unlock the door and go in. Ahhh, the home is lovely and instructions are marked on tiny chalkboards. I bath and cook and sleep in a real comfort for just $32. What a deal. I’ll do this again!

I plan to have more comfort on the final leg home.

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