8/23/2015 Poughkeepsi to the Delaware Water Gap campground.

After a nice chat with Lorraine my host I head for a bicycle store with the promising name of Bicycle Warehouse. They open at 10:00 so I am planning on a low mileage day. Despite their name they don’t sell bicycle wheels or even carry rims. They have no used wheels. The owner explains “When I get a wheel I cut the spokes out and throw it away”. But they are busy!

So I ride on to the next bicycle store. I get there at 10:30, and it doesn’t open till 12:00. I ride on.

Bicycle trail:

SAM 2025

I get to cross the Delaware River on this wonderful pedestrian bridge. I remember stealth camping on the other side of it on my previous Maine to Key West cycle trip.

SAM 2022

Million mile view from the pedestrian bridge.

SAM 2024

I ride on looking for the next bicycle store. I ride quickly knowing that stores close early on Sunday. I have disconnected Sherpa’s front brakes as they are rubbing and knocking against the bulging rim.

I am told there is another one about 25 miles south. It’s there that I buy a used wheel and mount the tube and tire. The owner of the store tells me of good camping at the Delaware Water Gap Campground, it is only another 20 miles or so south. So I set off again.

My Cycle Analyst odometer is reading erratically. It began acting up at abut 8500 miles. So I reset my Bafang trip meter to 0, and will continue recording distance on it..

The countryside is really lovely:

SAM 2026

I find the campground but am stunned at the price, $38 for a campsite with no water or power or wifi or even cell phone reception and reverberating with freeway noise. But it is 5:30PM so I decide to take it anyway.

The shower and toilets are grody and there is simply no way to charge Sherpa. I pack up and head out to get my money back- and ride on to who knows where. But the office has closed and the clerk is sitting in her car. She apologizes for the camp conditions and suggests I move to a site within the camp with power. So I do.

Sherpa is thankful he doesn’t need to take a shower as he slurps up electricity.

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