8/24/2015 Delaware Water Gap to SchuylKill Penn

I have turned up the boost. I am tired of going slowly up all these hills.

SAM 2027

When I am going through the rollie pollies I climb over the smaller grades by boosting with the throttle. It’s not the way you would do it if touring, where you just keep on downshifting, but oh well. It will get me home.

The countryside is lovely, the rolling hills and small farms make for a very scenic ride today:

SAM 2029

For the most part the hills are not as steep.

SAM 2030

Still, I only make it 85 miles. Actually this is a long way in this kind of country. And I am not exhausted. I work plenty hard when ebike touring, today especially because I feel good, but I can always back off and lay on the motor more. I end the day tired but not wiped out.

I stop around 4pm when I find a park with a pavillion with a working outlet. The park closes at dark, so I lay Sherpa down so he is hidden. I make a camp 50 feet away behind a drop in the land. I swim in the river 100 ft away to bath and wash my clothes. It is a 5 star campsite, but dinner comes from a gas station convenience store. I won’t tell you what I had, so as not to ruin your appetite, but it was discounted.

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