8/25/2016 SchuylKill to Gettysburg Pen.

It rains during the night and I toss and turn and try to keep the sleeping bag from getting too wet. But after a grey start the sun breaks through and I enjoy riding. That is my singular focus- to wake up and get going on the bike. Anything else is just an interruption. I am trying to plan more comfortable nights, but I need wifi access to do that. I find a McDonalds inside a Wal Mart yesterday but the wifi is too slow to be useful.

The terrain still has it’s challenging moments. This is the steepest long grade I have ever ridden up. I should say walked up. Thankfully touring on an electric bike means that I don’t have to push the bike up the hill. Sherpa burns 350 watts just pushing himself up the hill.

SAM 2033

The Pennsylvania neighborhoods are very pleasing.

SAM 2031

My arrythmia is acting up making me dizzy from the exertion so I find a motel. The Indian woman wants $65 cash, and I empty my wallet on the counter. Fourty eight dollars and thirty two cents. She takes it, giving be back the two cents.

I’m thankful that I just restocked some traveling food at Wal Mart as the hotel is in the sticks. Dinner is bananas with peanut butter rolled up in tortillas. That’ll be breakfast too. Can’t wait to get back home and really eat.

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