8/26/2015 Gettysburg PA through Maryland to Haymarket Virginia.

Riding through Gettysburg on Highway 15 takes you straight through the battlefield where the battle of Gettysburg was fought and so it is lined with monuments to the men who died. From my present day perspective, it is hard to believe that there would be men willing to fight to the death to keep slavery.

Just one monument picture. It’s enough. You get the idea.

SAM 2036

Highway 15 can be a fast ride, or it can narrow down to a 2 lane with no shoulder. Here is the Whoopeee part of today’s ride.

SAM 2038

In Haymarket I find a camping knook behind the Wal Mart. I sit, hidden behind a block wall, overlooking a highway, waiting for the cover of darkness to pitch my tent. Sherpa is drinking ejuice. My gear is stashed close to me. The small discipline of writing and processing my pictures each day grounds me, brings me back into techno civilization.

It is so hard not to have a place where I belong for so long. I must look like a suspicious character, one who should be watched for criminal activity.

Sometimes I feel more animal than human; finding hidden places to sleep, my reactions honed by months of traffic, my will to survive my dominant feeling, my mind quiet. I live in a never ending moment. My fatigue is a haze I must see through.

My lifestyle is so different from others. I have no way of explaining, even if anyone was to ask. It reminds me of Africa when people would ask how many cattle I owned. How do you share what your life is like when it is so different? My civility feels like a thin cracked shell, I wonder what shows through, and I cling to it for dear life. I feel closer to the woodchuck, alert by the roadside, timing his crossing, than the shoppers at Wal Mart.

I begin to understand the feelings of an outcast, a hobo, or a wrong culture or wrong color person.

I feel invincible. It is just a feeling, I know. But my willpower, determination, adaptability, flexibility, toughness, are well exercised. I feel that if it can be done, I can do it. My self confidence is strong. I’m ready.

I’m just a thousand miles and a few weeks from home! I’ve come over 8750 miles since April 10th.

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  1. Go Shawn Go! Can’t wait to see you back on the inter-coastal path back in Florida! I’m enjoying reading about your journey. -Ray

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