8/27, 8/28 2015 Haymarket VA to AltaVista VA

Now that my focus is on getting home I am knocking off more miles each day, about 85. I finish around 4:30 PM. I could not do this without an ebike, it is 20 miles or more farther than I could go on a push bike, especially in the rollie pollie hills.

Last night I stayed at another airbnb, tonight I am camped behind another Wal Mart.

How to camp at Wal Mart: Choose your destination. At McDonalds go online and use google maps to get a satelite image of the areas surrounding the Wal Mart. Because most Wal Marts are newer and big, they tend to be on the outlying areas of town where there is a bit of woodland close. If there are no woods choose another destination.

Apon arrival at the Wal Mart, circle it looking for electrical outlets. Test the ones that you find. Run inside and get a cool drink. Then ride your ebike all around the Wal Mart area looking for the best spots to stealth camp. Don’t take the first one, just note your options and keep looking. Narrow it down, then explore the possibilities on foot. Try to meet these criteria: Pleasant, invisible to the curious, not on Wal Mart property, shortish walk to Wal Mart. Come as close as you can.

Stash your gear in your spot, making sure you can find it again. Grab the ebike, your water bladder, a razor, a toothbrush and a lock and ride back to Wal Mart. PLug in your ebike and lock it to two grocery carts. Grab your water bladder and go.

It’s time to eat and the options are many at a Wal Mart superstore. Usually there is a fast food operaration inside. Tonight dinner was a Subway, often it is a sandwich from the deli section and some milk.

After dinner grab your water bladder and head for the bathroom. Fill it up with warm water from the tap. Shave and brush. Sling the bladder over your shoulder and hike back to camp.

When you get to camp, hang the water bladder from a tree and place a tarp underneath to keep your feet clean. Take a shower then change into your sleeping clothes. Set up your tent, inflate the airmatress etc, be sure your gear is covered in case of rain.

Next it’s to write the blog and develop pictures. Then it’s a little reading from the Kindle before sleep.

In the morning, before it is light, go check on your Sherpa. The battery will be a couple of amps down and the charger will have stopped. Now that the battery has rested, restart the charger and trundle back to camp and get another hour of rest while your Sherpa tops off on ejuice.

Pack up camp, go get Sherpa, load Sherpa. Leave at first light for the closest McDonalds in the general direction you are going. Have breakfast and use wifi to chose the days destination, a city 90 or so miles away with an Air BnB, a cheap hotel, or a Wal Mart. Post to your blog, answer emails, take care of business. Then Ride.

Repeat until home.

Virginia countryside.

SAM 2040

SAM 2041

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