8/28, 8/29, Alta Vista to Greensboro to Concord, NC.

9000 Miles. Into North Carolina.

In Greensboro I stay at an Air BnB, the home of Ed and Sarah. Ed is a minister on the nearby college campus. I am their first guest, and I hope after me they still want to host! Sarah offers me some home cooked Indian Curry, which they felt was too spicy to eat, but I enjoyed it.

I explain that I’m an omnivore, which means that if half of it is edible, it’s all edible. Ahh, the advantages of a roaring furnace for a stomach. We talk about respect for and appreciation of the many beliefs that people hold.

I cycle to Concord NC, and stay at another Air BNB. Cynthia, my ex, who lives in NC, is going to drive a couple hours to visit me. I am looking forward to spending the day with my wife of 27 years. That’ll be the first familiar face I’ve seen in months.

Then it’s a push to get home. I can feel the tropical heat, I’m only 700 miles away.

Into North Carolina.

SAM 2051

The roaring chippy dust corn harvest.

SAM 2043

Fun to ride behind and watch horse legs.

SAM 2047

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