8/30, 9/1, Charlotte to Concord to Camden South Carolina

611 miles to go on the morning of 9/2

Another cryptic email from Marsy:

Friends and Ecyclists:  Marsy is hibernating in a banana grove at the bottom of a pleasant crater. Geoscans from an Omni shuttle picked up that image this morning. The Source be with her,     Vee on Venus Rd. 


I think Marsy is pregnant- and hibernating!

Meanwhile, back on earth, in Concord I rent an Air BnB. My ex, Cynthia, drives 2.5 hours to spend a day. Her’s is the first familiar face and presence I have been with for a long time, and I enjoy my day very much. I’m so thankful that we remain close after 27 years of marriage and 8 years divorced.


SAM 2055

Today another state Yay.

SAM 2057

People seemed to like my post about Wal Mart BnB’s, and asked for some pictures. I am staying at a Wal Mart BnB in Camden tonight, so happy to oblige.

Here’s the steps in summary. Pulling up to WalMart and checking out the outlets. Do you see Sherpa?

SAM 2058

Yes, ejuice is flowing.

SAM 2059

Hey, there might be a camping spot somewhere in this woods. Let’s explore by foot.

SAM 2061

Sure nough. I’m far enough back to be well screened by trees.

SAM 2062

Let’s take a shower.

SAM 2063

The camp has been made, Sherpa has been unpacked, let’s take him back to Wal Mart and charge him. He feels safer chained to a cart.

SAM 2065

Today I felt like a good meal and walkto a Chili’s and have two dinners! When I have finished, I check on Sherpa, and he has finished too. So I take him back to camp.

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