9/02/2015 Camden to Walterboro South Carolina

Rode 117 miles, 500 to go! Should be home Monday afternoon.

I feel like I am still discovering the potentials in ebike touring. Now that the terrain has leveled Sherpa and I can cover more ground more easily. I am letting Sherpa do all the work, I just keep a light pressure on the pedals. It is so cool to rack off a couple 100 plus mile days and not to be wiped out. The heat and humidity are intense, and riding Sherpa is the coolest place to be short of inside AC.

I am shooting for over 100 miles a day all the way back home. It was too humid and hot to camp last night so I found one of those legendary 35 dollar a night hotels that I had been told were out there somewhere.

Blondie led me to this road which was clearly marked DEAD END. ROAD CLOSED.
Knowing she is a genius, I took it anyway. It led to this abandoned and barricaded bridge:

SAM 2069

Of course I rode it, watching out for the big holes or breaks that might be there. Nope, it was perfectly safe.

SAM 2067

I guess that was the big adventure of the day! Somedays are like that. But flying along on Sherpa watching the scenery flow past was great.

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