9/05/2015 Fargo Georgia to Ocala Florida

I ride 131 miles today. The “Loop” is officially complete, as I have crossed my path through Florida. Now all I have to do is ride about 175 miles to Venice. I’m on track to be there Monday afternoon.

Meet me at the Circus Bridge and finish the ride with me if you can. We will ride a mile to my house on Queen Road and there will be food. I should be there around 3:00 PM, it’s only 80 some miles south of Tampa.

Call Leslie at 941-488-1212 if you’d like her to call you when I get close.

I’ve ridden over 130 miles for the last two days. I have given the motor more boost and so picked up the speed to around 18mph. It is amazing to ride so far so easily. I am still discovering the capabilities of Sherpa and rethinking what ebike touring can be.

SAM 2088

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