9/07/2015 Welcome home


How Far? 9,854 Miles.
How Much Time? 4/09/2015 to 9/07/2015. I first cycled to the East Coast to see my sister and then headed west. I spent about 2 weeks stopped doing repairs and a week vacationing with Leslie in Colorado. So about 4 months and a week of actual riding.

This does set a new world record for the longest journey ever taken on an ebike. The longest previous was 4000 miles taken by my new friend Troy.

I did return home with the information I set out to get. I have learned through experience how to build batteries that are rugged and reliable and made for heavy duty electric bike use. I also know what does and doesn’t work on electric touring bicycles.

There is a Welcome Home party planned at my house. Leslie and Abby have been preparing treats. My home is pretty rough after 5 months of vacancy.

SAM 2095

The vest, the final leg not yet checked off.

SAM 2100

Showing how it is done.

SAM 2101

My Certificate of Creaturedom. This is awarded to those who can become human animals, creatures, and is very difficult to achieve. My cycling through Europe, Morocco, and even Tanzania did not allow me to receive a full paw. But this trip did!

SAM 2116

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