Hore Abby and a day of rest.

For fun I make a quick and dirty movie of the Cashel Holiday Hostel.

I rest today. I think I’ll rest one day for every three days of riding. It gives me a chance to eat a lot and to use these legs to see sights more slowly- like the Hore Abbey, built in 1270 in the background.


In solitude, with cool white mist falling through long vanished ceilings, I sense the gentle spirit of the place. Flocks of crows raucously interupt the silence and make easy passage between walls and sky and nests in niches.


Hore Abey


Tumbled tombstones in memory of those long forgotten hide in unkept grass.


What a stunning sight this must have been in 1300.


I see a lots of cars with horse trailers and follow my nose into a cattle auction. The price of a two month old calf is between 60 to 80 euros. The auctioneers at their trade.


Cashel’s Castle

Today I took it easy and just cycled 38 miles.

I love these old stone cottages; check out the rainwater cistern;

In all of Ireland the old meets the new in surprising ways. The old stone buildings in the country will have a newer home built next to it, often attached. And in the city:

The question in my mind today was “Do you live your life like you are going to live forever? IF so, I have plenty of patience to go slowly up hills, and less stress.
Or, do you live your life like you might die tomorrow? Well that is certainly motivating to live Life all out, but the pace is frenetic, unpeaceful.

The hostel in Cashel is big. I get my own room again. A good reason to travel offseason. Here is a church with parts dating back to the 1100’s they call a castle:

Even with the roof open it is still imposing.

One reason it was abandoned was because it is difficult to live on top of a windswept hill in Ireland.

Who was this a likeness of? Why was it all by itself in a wall, the only one? It is about 8 inches tall.

68.8 miles to Kilkenny

“Blackbird singing in the dead of night,
Take these broken wings and learn to fly.”

In each human are great capacities. It’s good to find this out about yourself. Today I felt free, not free from anything, just free.
I would love to meet a human with all of their capacities awakened. I don’t believe they have to be developed, just awakened. They are all there. awaiting the right stimulus. The blackbird sings in the dead of night, in the absence of awareness.

“All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arrive.” Ah yes, this is it. Not tomorrow or yesterday.

While cycling I have a lot of time to think about things and to sing.

I met this donkey.PA121502 2

He has deep donkey thoughts.
PA121505 2

The painful loneliness from the past two days is fading. How can I be lonely in nature with so many beings taking this journey of shared aloneness together? The fear is fading too. It’s worse in the morning before cycling. My mind gnaws on all the things that can go wrong, concluding that I am bound to fail, either of physical or emotional stress. But that fades away completely once I start. The peace of mind is returning.

This is the castle in Kilkenny. It’s right in the middle of town. A lot of the medieval buildings still exist.
PA131517 2

This couple was soaking up the rays against the castle walls.
PA131518 2

My hostel, the “Kilkenny Tourist Hostel” is right in the middle of the old district. I set out to get some groceries and ended up walking for hours. The old buildings converted to modern shops, the Irish bustling, it filled me with joy. How good to sit and to be awash with joy. How good not to feel tempted by shiny things and sugary foods. My needs are simple.

“Blackbird singing in the dead of night,
take these sunken eyes and learn to see.”

St Canice’s Cathedral
PA131532 2

Typical Irish shops
PA131519 2

PA131520 2

PA131521 2

PA131522 2

PA131523 2

In Dublin

It is so amazing to be here. To ride in Ireland. To walk on Irish soil. Ti eat food grown here. To walk amongst throngs of Dublin irish with their peculiar accent. And they look Irish, too.

TSA put the bits that I needed to reassemble the bike that I kept in a big ziplock bag in a surprise location- in another box in an empty pannier, causing 15 minutes of panic and plan b devising. I was ready to take the bike to a bike shop, and was picking up the panniers, when one felt a little heavy.

OH I am so HAPPY that the bike and panniers made it.

Dublin street scene

Dublin street scene

A very big busy intersection a block from my hostel.

Almost leaving

Saying goodbye is like hugging a cactus.

I am flying over to Dublin today to begin cycling/living. I am terrified and exhilarated. I am having lots of quiet talks with my girlfriend Leslie. I greatly admire her for gracefully walking the balance between missing me and wishing me well.

I have found that life is full of goodbyes. When they hurt, I am fortunate, and count my blessings.

This is my time to do this. This year, this moment. There is no waiting for a better time. There is no waiting for a better me.

My friend Sage another cyclist sent me this; She said “You are doing this.”

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” -Steve Jobs

This “almost gone” stuff is so hard.