12/22/2011 into Portugal to Ponte de Lima

This Gentleman and I shared the entire Albergee last night at Redondella. He is also a cyclist, but was riding an 8 speed bike, carrying a pack on his back, had a stuffed basket on the handlebars, and then had a half dozen plastic bags draped over his handlebars. His tires were very low on air, which he was unaware of. A cycling catastrophe. He admitted to walking a lot up the hills.

He was a singer form Germany with some kind of disability, and had given up his flat and sold his car to travel. He was traveling with a small harp and a harpsichord. I told him that enjoyed music, and that if he wanted to practice, to go ahead, it wouldn’t bother me. He interpreted this to mean that I would like a performance, and so sang opera and played harp and harpsichord to me. He was rough, and I preferred my book, so I began to read. He was a nice guy, though oddish.


The road I am following climbs and climbs. But for every mountain you climb there’s a view. On the long descent into the valleys I see scattered homes and farms, very beautiful cycling day.




I am charmed with Portugal. I am about to say how rustic it feels, but I am typing this from a public wifi hot spot. The grocery store in Pont de Lima has big slabs of dried fish and dried legs of pig. No convenience foods.

Pont de Lima from my Albergee. I am all by myself in 5000 square foot modern facility!