7/26/2015 Wilmar MN to Buffalo MN.


My idea of a perfect day now begins with a shopping trip to Walmart to pick up yesterdays sandwiches and salads at half price, a quart of V8 juice and V8 fruit drink and whatever bike parts I might need. Then it’s a scoot to McDonalds for breakfast and WiFi. My how things have changed!

Then my idea of a perfect day is riding a bike along country roads in coolish sunny weather. The perfect day is finished with a swim in a lake and a picnic table dinner. Today was really perfect.

The terrain has changed, become much more rollie pollie and green. There only used to be trees only around farm houses but now little woods are growing around little lakes. I catch glimpses of snowmobiles in sheds awaiting a very different season.

Sherpa and his bodyguard. No one messes with him now!

SAM 1581

I catch this tractor trailer being loaded with corn.

SAM 1589

The man says when full it will hold 1000 bushels. Corn now sells for $3 a bushel, wheat for $5. Doesn’t that seems like an awful lot of corn for $3000? How does the farmer do it? Consider the land, the seed, the tilling and planting equipment, the fuel, the fertilizer, the harvesting equipment, the storage facility, the hauling and the farmers time. The man agrees, and is thankful he is a driver not a farmer.

SAM 1592

Winner of the prettiest farm of the day award.

SAM 1594

Winner of the bluest house in a corn field award.

SAM 1598

Winner of the sharpest church in a bean-field award.

SAM 1604

Camping at lake Buffalo.

SAM 1606