Waiting for the rain

New England spirit is alive. The resilience, small businesses, local pride, the education and can do attitiude are felt here. I am at home in the attitude.

But Susan and I let our concerns about the weather keep us from cycling today. The weather report was dire; lots of rain, flood warnings, end of the world type stuff. We thought about cycling in that on a narrow road with no shoulder and opted for the comforts of James home and hospitality. We spend the day wandering Camden. I feel sheepish (but secretly glad).

Camden is a picture book Maine harbor town:


An overview of Camden.


A rushing creek splits in two and flows into the harbor.


Camden has a high ecological consciousness. Here is a good idea for Transition.


There are two towering steeples.


The harbor has some tall ships that you can sail on.


Shop windows are enticing.


Azaleas, Rhodies, Lupen are in bloom accenting the greens, and the Dandylions invite puffing.



And when you turn your head theres the sea and it’s boats.

All this and a two hour nap. Thanks James!