England, to Blackpool

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Claudia my host on the Isle of Mann wants me to point out that it doesn’t always rain on the Isle of Mann. When I was leaving on the ferry this morning I snapped these pics:


Douglas, Isle of Mann


The little castle is mostly underwater during high tides. It was built there for people who were shipwrecked within the harbor to cling to until they were rescued. That’s the story.


Self portrait


Today I am disappointed in humanity. I guess I was hoping to find a higher level of society, sorta like the BBC is to news, here in Europe. Instead, in the supermarkets I see sensationalist tabloids, on the telly I see adds for attorneys – almost every other commercial- who promise no fee unless they collect and show happy people with their checks. And finally if you take every cliche about touristy beach towns, make it in 3d, throw in Las Vegas and the circus you have Blackpool.

Not surprisingly, it is very popular. My hostel is full, so I find a hotel and head out for some fish and chips.






I am heading south through England working to get down to France, then Spain and Portugal, where it’s warmer and sunnier. There is a headwind so going is a little slow. I’ll have a better attitude tomorrow.