Lusoka to Melindi

6/05/2014 Lusoka to Melindi

First, my laptop has stopped working. I am posting this ten days late. I make notes on paper. I am writing this sitting in a guest lodge in Melindi that actually has a flush toilet.

Such a nice ride today. It started out in the rain, and there was some very long climbs over rutted muddy dirt roads with scooters and busses to dodge. The landscape is super green and sprinkled with typical African homes, mud/wattle, adobe brick and metal roofs. The road is lined with subsistence farms, ramshackle stores, and people, always people.

I enjoy singing when I am riding, it keeps my spirits up and entertains the locals. One of the reasons I travel is to work on my adaptability. In this case, adapting to a working relationship is giving me more of a challenge than Africa!


It’s a wet muddy climb- with busses to dodge!


So Lisa and I stopped by for a trim…


Leslie’s African cottage. This is a very typical African home. No power or running water, mud brick walls, metal roof.


Subsistence farming in Africa. They are way ahead of us in the back-to-the-land movement. How can we keep our level of education and comfort in a carbon footprint this green? That is what I keep asking myself.





Villages and farms.