To Fermoy

I am really enjoying the Irish wit. Most Irish people love to crack jokes and tease and make fun.

I am buying a postcard. The clerk doesn’t have the right change so he puts change in the till from his pant pocket.

I comment:

Shawn. So you must own the store.

Clerk: No, my wife owns it. Can’t you see, I’m putting my money into it.

Shawn: Just change? Haven’t you been married long?

Clerk: So you’re married too. It’s when I have to reach into the back pocket, that’s what hurts.

Shawn: That’s where you keep your wallet?

Clerk: My wallet? You mean my wife’s wallet. I don’t own a wallet……


I am cycling 52 miles through this landscape.


To get to Fermoy;

The river in Fermoy;