Dingle to Kilrush

I wake up at 7:30 Am. It is still dark out. The wind gusts and rattles my window. Rain is spritzing down. It is extremely cold out. What am I doing? Am I actually going to ride in this? The answer seems to be yes, for I pack Griboulee and eat a 1500 calorie breakfast. Goodbye to Michail and Fin and I am out the door. I struggle to keep the bike on the road in the gusting wind. I must ride hard to get anywhere. My waterproof Sealskin socks become little warm jacuzzis as my feet sweat. Then I change direction and that blasting wind is at my back and side. Things are looking up. I ride for 115 kilometers (71 miles) with the wind giving me a nice push. I eat an apple and banana for lunch, as anything but fruit takes energy from pedaling. Beside’s it’s too cold to stop for long.

I am warm as long as I am riding. If I stop, I must put on a jacket in a minute or I start shivering. My shirt is soaked with sweat. My legs sweat and my rain pants cling to my legs, then they dry out and get loose again going downhills. It is amazing what the human body can do.

The Irish countryside continues to be beautiful. But I am beginning to feel that I have seen enough. The next few days will be spent in Conemara and the Aran islands, then I may pedal straight across Ireland to Dublin and catch a ferry to the Isle of Mann.

Tralee Bay rainbow.


I take a short ferry ride from Tarbert across the Shannon river.


This guy rides the ferry too.


The harbor at Kilrush.